Tests and assessments

If you think you or someone you know might have dyslexia or dyscalculia the first step to getting help is to take a test or assessment with a trained professional. I offer two types of assessment:

  1. A one hour, informal assessment. After this quick test I will give verbal feedback and advice on areas of weakness. I will also let you know if I think having the full diagnostic assessment is recommended.
  2. A three hour, full diagnostic assessment. This assessment covers all areas of literacy (reading, spelling, writing, handwriting or for a dyscalculia assessment – numeracy and number skills), verbal and non-verbal ability and cognitive skills (memory and phonological awareness etc). A full report is produced with a list of tailored recommendations.

These tests are completed following the current PATOSS guidelines. I hold a current practicing certificate (APC) and so am able to offer assessments for children of primary and secondary school age as well as for adults and for the DSA (Disabled Student Allowance). I am also able to recommend access arrangements for public exams.

My prices begin from £150 – please contact me to find out what assessment is right for you. Assessments can take place in your home, school or workplace or in my home in Esher, Surrey.

Support for people with dyslexia and dyscalculia

If you want to get support for yourself or someone you know once they have been diagnosed there are a number of services I can offer:

  1. Coaching and tutoring. I work one-to-one with individuals to help them achieve their potential. Every dyslexic individual has unique needs and I make a tailored plan for hourly sessions to help them over weeks and months.
  2. Making your institution dyslexia friendly. If you have dyslexic students, staff or stakeholders I can help you make your spaces and practices suitable for them. In the past I’ve created dyslexia friendly classrooms and offices!

Prices start from £50 per hour, please get in touch to discuss what support is right for you. Sessions can take place in your home, school or workplace or in my home in Esher, Surrey.